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A confident bright smile even though your own teeth are missing, we can help you achieve it.

Dental prostheses have the task of replacing partially lost tooth substance or teeth. In fact, prosthetic work can be produced today in a wide range of variations and with the highest precision. Despite the technical possibilities, affected patients should nevertheless realize that even the highest-quality prosthetics are replacements for natural tooth substance, in the maintenance of which it is worth investing energy and perseverance.

The goal is to restore your teeth to their full form, function and beauty. Often you have a chipped tooth, a tooth with a cavity or caries, a weak tooth with a large metal filling that is leaking and defective, a mis-shaped or discolored tooth. If you have unfortunately lost a tooth, for example due to an accident or other reasons, we can rebuild or replace these teeth in different ways with various modern treatment options in our practice.

We provide a full range of evidence-based dental care to help you maintain your teeth for life. We inform and alert you to obvious or impending problems and develop a treatment plan that fits your life and priorities.

No matter your problem, big or small, our oral restorative services will help you get your dental health back on track - improving your overall health and helping you feel great. Whether it's one problem or a combination of several, our team can help you on your way to your ideal smile.

Because each person's needs are unique, we create a customized treatment plan for each person. This may include any of the treatment options listed.