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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause great pain and massively change your life. They also often no longer have any function in this day and age.

A wisdom tooth is one of our routine operations. Do not worry, because thanks to our modern anesthesia we can guarantee you a treatment without pain. Wisdom teeth belong to the molars and break through in most people only at the age of 18 - 22 years. They are usually the last teeth to come into our mouths. Most of us have four wisdom teeth.

Often there is little space in the back of the jaw for wisdom teeth to easily pass through the gums. If the jaw does not have enough room for the wisdom tooth, the tooth becomes wedged or impacted. Some impacted wisdom teeth remain buried and cause no problems. However, other impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious problems. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are very difficult to clean and brush. When food and bacteria accumulate between the wisdom teeth and adjacent molars, it eventually leads to tooth decay and gingivitis. If teeth with pronounced chronic bacterial foci are not removed, these inflammatory processes can spread to the dentition and jaw, leading to serious health problems.