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Periodontitis is an inflammation caused by bacteria, which causes irreversible destruction of the periodontium, which can lead to tooth loss.

Inadequate oral hygiene is usually the cause of such a bacterial disease of your teeth. Gum disease starts when plaque can accumulate between teeth and gums. The first signs may be bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or redness, swelling or pain in the gums. This stage is called gingivitis and is easily reversible. We can remove plaque, tartar and toxins that cause this inflammation with ultrasound and hand instruments (scaling). This is followed by oral hygiene instructions and planning of specific home care tailored to your needs. With a solid combination of professional cleaning, home care and regular follow-up, gum health can be maintained.

If left untreated, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis. This is a more serious disease in which supporting jaw bone is destroyed. The teeth may eventually become loose or have to be extracted (in very advanced stages). The dental treatment of such periodontal disease requires a detailed status analysis and the preparation of an individual periodontal treatment plan.

Regelmässige und gründliche Reinigung Ihrer Zähne und Zahnzwischenräume, sowie die Dental hygiene können vor einer Parodontitis schützen. Werden bakterielle Beläge nicht kontinuierlich entfernt, kann Zahnstein zwischen den Zahn und das darüber liegende Zahnfleisch wandern und Zahnfleischtaschen bilden. Solche Zahnfleischtaschen können durch die tägliche, häusliche Mundhygiene Ihres Zahnapparates nicht gereinigt werden. Bakterien können dadurch tiefer in das Zahnbett eindringen, Entzündungen verursachen einen angegriffenen Kieferknochen und können zu irreversibel Schäden führen. Aus diesem Grund ist eine frühe Diagnostik für den Erhalt Ihrer Zähne unentbehrlich. Bereits in das Zahnbett eingedrungene Bakterien können tiefer in Ihre Blutbahn gelangen und sich so in Ihrem gesamten Organismus verbreiten.

For this reason, we also offer a test in our office that is sent to the laboratory, which evaluates exactly what bacteria are in your tooth pockets. During a second consultation, the results are discussed with you and appropriate medication, such as antibiotics, is administered to counteract and stabilize it.

People with chronic periodontitis have a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Periodontal diseases are often insidious processes that many people do not recognize in time. For this reason, it is a particular concern of ours to inform our patients in detail and thus raise their awareness.

If you do not respond to this therapy, further periodontal surgical treatment measures can be planned. Tissue regeneration and bone augmentation may then be necessary to preserve your teeth. In order for us to halt the progression of the disease, the patient must actively participate in the treatment. Motivation and good oral hygiene are the best prerequisites for successful therapy.