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Gum transplantation

Through surgery, we provide you with healthy, natural gums again.

Due to some reasons, such as when you suffer from periodontitis, the gums recede. As a result, the necks of the teeth are exposed. In extreme cases, not only the gums recede, but also the bone. When this happens, teeth may begin to wobble. Also, when the necks of the teeth are exposed, the teeth become more and more sensitive and also aesthetically the tooth does not look healthy.

To avoid exactly such a thing, we offer gum grafting. In this procedure, gum is usually taken from the palate and transplanted to the needed place. Moreover, this method is also used when wounds on the jawbone have not healed well. The extracted gum is sutured to the site, which heals within a few weeks. There is hardly any difference in the transplanted area later. Excellent results are achieved especially in the frontal area.