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Get rid of the wire, bring on the clear braces.

In adult age, practically no one would walk around with wire braces, so we have the suitable solution for you. An alternative to fixed braces. A transparent plastic dental brace, practically "invisible". This will gently but effectively correct your teeth to the desired position.

First and foremost, we will determine whether we recommend orthodontic correction of your teeth based on an overall examination, X-rays, photos and models. If so, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. These alternative braces, especially suitable for adults, are used series of aligner trays that move your teeth where they are wanted. This works like fixed braces, but without metal wires that are so very visible and cumbersome to eat and clean.

When the treatment is completed and you are satisfied with the correction, a wire is placed behind the teeth so that they retain their position. In technical language, this wire is called a retainer.

We are committed to providing you with the latest and highest quality technologies.

We offer a Swiss product for this treatment, called Nivellipso. For before and after results click on this Link.