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We are proud of the quality, care and skills.

Unsere Zahnarztpraxis vor Ort legt grossen Wert auf Prävention als beste Behandlungsform. Wir wissen die Bedeutung der präventiven Zahnheilkunde in der Allgemeine Zahnhmedizin sehr zu schätzen. Alle unsere Zahnärzte entwickeln individuell zugeschnittene Präventionsprogramme für alle unsere Patienten.

Our entire team believes that the best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and evaluate the root cause. We use testing and screening methods to educate ourselves on the most effective and least invasive way to treat each patient individually.

Dental health plays the most important role, immediately followed by esthetic considerations. Carious teeth can be the focus of treatment, as can caries-free teeth that have been damaged by periodontitis or trauma (a dental accident). To preserve teeth we offer a wide range of therapeutic options. And the result is - a longer life and health of your teeth and gums.

We want our patients to be informed and educated so they can preserve their natural teeth for life with minimal restorations.