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Sinus lift

Implant placement may require elevation of the maxilla.

A sinus lift, as contained in the word lift, is meant the elevation of the upper jaw. The maxillary sinuses are also located in the lateral area of the upper jaw. Sometimes in some patients these are so far down that the root of the tooth is in the maxillary sinus. If you need an implant restoration in the lateral upper jaw and you are affected by this problem, you cannot avoid such a procedure.

As part of a standard oral surgery procedure, a sinus lift raises the floor of the maxillary sinus to make room for the placement of your implant. The bone can thus be elevated and a thickening of the bony sinus floor occurs.

Dieser Eingriff kann gleichzeitig oder vor einer geplanten Implantation stattfinden. Vor dem geplanten Sinuslift empfehlen wir die Erstellung eines 3-dimensionalen Röntgenbildes. Dieses ermöglicht eine optimale Operationsplanung. Beim Sinuslift handelt es sich um ein gut verträgliches Behandlungsverfahren, welches ambulant durchgeführt werden kann.

Since this surgical procedure is complex, it is only performed by Dr. med. dent himself. He is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, has additional specialized training and is perfect for you, as you will benefit from his many years of experience.