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Root apex resection

Still aching after root canal treatment?

After a root canal treatment, which unfortunately did not lead to the desired success, are you still suffering from pain and do you still have an inflammation of the tooth? Root apex resection may be a possible treatment option. Through this method we may succeed in preserving your tooth. This option can also be successful in the case of abscesses (encapsulated pus accumulations) or cyst formations at the root tips. The treatment of root tip inflammation is absolutely necessary for the preservation of the jaw and should be performed as early as possible.

Root apex inflammations are clarified in advance by precise X-rays and enable accurate planning of the oral surgical procedure. The removal of the root tip differs in this surgically standardized measure by the direct access to the root of the affected tooth. During the procedure, the inflamed tissue in the area of the root apex is removed and the root apex itself is shortened by approximately 3 mm. The direct (retrograde) closure of the root canal allows new bone substance to be formed