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Bad breath (halitosis)

When medical terminology refers to halitosis foul-smelling breath, it means bad breath that lasts for a long time.

In fact, many people not only suffer temporarily from bad breath after eating garlic and the like, but bad breath becomes a permanent issue.

Often, those affected do not even notice it themselves. Outsiders, in turn, shy away from addressing the taboo subject. But only those who know that they suffer from bad breath can do something about it.

Fresh breath is an important prerequisite for a self-confident and likeable appearance. This makes it all the more important to tackle the taboo subject of bad breath openly and to initiate targeted treatment. But what helps against bad breath? In most cases, proper oral hygiene is enough. Bad breath is usually the result of bacteria in the mouth, especially in the interdental spaces and on the tongue. Optimal oral and dental care to reduce microorganisms is therefore indispensable for bad breath.

However, if a dental problem or underlying disease has been identified as the cause of bad breath, special treatment is required.