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Dental fear

You are not alone, we will help and advise you as best as possible, so that you are also free of anxiety and relaxed afterwards.

If the very word dentist evokes feelings of panic in you, accompanied by great restlessness and a spinning of thoughts, then in all likelihood you suffer from what is known as dental phobia - the fear of the dentist. More than half of the population has some kind of fear of going to the dentist. In this case, usually not only your own negative experience, but also the dramatic narrative of others can play a big role.

For 5-10 %, however, this fear is so enormous that they only visit a dental practice when the pain is unbearable and the damage has already assumed a large scale. In addition, often accompanied by shame, which only makes the situation more difficult. The area in the mouth is very intimate and needs trust.

We are here for you and take our time. At the first appointment we build a stress-free atmosphere and discuss the possibilities of treatments with you. First and foremost, we want to build trust and get to know you. With a lot of empathy, patience and transparency, we try to reduce your fear. As a dentist, we want to take away exactly these fears. We want to treat you very gently and naturally without pain.

Our long-term goal is to build on trust gained and stabilize a patient-dentist relationship that also supports people with dental phobia in keeping important appointments. This also includes prevention and prophylaxis. Lifelong dental health is also possible for anxiety patients.


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