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Bone grafting

If a tooth is missing, bone is also lost.

The loss of a tooth itself as well as the associated reduced chewing activity can result in bone recession in the jaw. Inflammatory diseases of the teeth and gums, accidents with damage to the natural tooth substance, and long-term teeth grinding can also lead to a significant decrease in bone substance. If the height and thickness of the jaw bones decrease, implants cannot be anchored with sufficient stability and security.

In many cases, we recommend that you use your own bone material for the augmentation. Alternatively, organic as well as inorganic bone substitute material can be used.

If you need a dental implant and you have too little jawbone, bone augmentation is necessary. This is needed to anchor the dental implant securely in the jawbone in the long term, so that it has a good and secure hold.

Bone augmentation is also known as jaw augmentation. This is the surgical method to rebuild the edentulous part of the upper and lower jaw.