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What is a dental bridge?

You may have an unfortunate incident where you may lose a tooth, this may be due to an accident or a broken tooth. This can cause a number of problems, such as being aware of the gap and avoiding smiling altogether or having difficulty eating.

Although you may not realize it, a missing tooth (or teeth) can also cause adjacent teeth in your mouth to move, which can disrupt the balance of your bite and put unnecessary pressure on other teeth. There are several ways to replace a missing tooth. Of these, a dental bridge is a quick and excellent option to restore your smile and confidence using the latest technology and techniques.

We will be able to discuss all of the treatment options available to you and recommend the most appropriate one for your specific needs.

A bridge essentially bridges the gap caused by a missing tooth and restores the health and function of your smile without the need for surgery. With teeth on either side of your missing tooth, a bridge holds the replacement tooth in place to prevent further shifting and maintain the completeness of your smile. Bridges can be completed in as little as 1-2 weeks, making them straightforward and easy to use.