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Empfindliche Zähne auf warm/kalt Reiz, pulsierende oder Aufbiss Schmerzen? Dann ist meist eine Wurzelbehandlung unvermeidbar.

The benefits of preserving the natural tooth rather than resorting to extraction and replacement arise for a variety of reasons, including preservation of natural appearance, bite and function. For this reason, most patients choose to preserve their natural tooth structure.

A tooth requires root canal treatment if the tooth nerve is infected or bacterially inflamed or even dead due to a deep filling near the nerve or deep caries. This treatment may also occur after an accident.

With the help of clinical and radiological diagnostics, we can get an accurate picture and determine the degree of damage. During root canal treatment, the inflamed pulp is removed, the resulting cavity is disinfected and then tightly sealed.

By using the latest technology, very good success rates can be achieved with this treatment. Thanks to modern anesthesia, nowadays root canal treatment does not have to be painful.

The tooth to be treated is isolated with a cofferdam to prevent infection by bacteria in the saliva.