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Acid in relation to the teeth

Due to chemical effects, substances of the tooth enamel and dentin are lost and is called erosion. This is caused by the consumption of sweetened and acidic foods, such as soft drinks and citrus fruits. Diseases such as anorexia, bulimia and heartburn also weaken the enamel and lead to erosion damage over time.

Mouth acids are formed with meals, which make the tooth vulnerable to attack on the surface. Saliva neutralizes the acid and stabilizes the enamel again within hours. Eating acidic foods and beverages increases the risk of losing enamel more quickly. Likewise, endogenous acids such as stomach acid are very dangerous for tooth structure. Regular vomiting can severely destroy teeth. Eating acidic foods and drinks also increases the risk of losing tooth enamel faster.

For these reasons, teeth are not infrequently at the mercy of sweet or acid attacks. If these increase frequently, this can lead to softening or even destruction of the tooth enamel. It acts as protection for the dentin. If it falls away, the dentin is at the mercy of further attacks, which can cause pain.

If you have painful defects, a plastic filling or even a crown may be necessary. To rebuild the teeth naturally in shape, color and function, minimally invasive dentistry is a suitable solution.