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We recommend that all of our patients have regular checkups so that early signs of dental or gum disease are detected and treated before they seriously compromise your health.

Dental prophylaxis refers to preventive measures designed to prevent diseases of the teeth and periodontium from developing or worsening. This prevention stands for the screening for early detection of pathological conditions.

It covers the large field of diagnostics and the entire spectrum of treatment of teeth, jaws and mouth. Since the health of your teeth is interrelated with your entire organism, we offer you high-quality dentistry at the cutting edge. Functional and status analyses are carried out professionally and comprehensively by our dentists, as are the detailed and individual consultations on treatment and restoration concepts.

Mundgeruch (Halitosis)

When medical terminology refers to halitosis foul-smelling breath, it means bad breath that lasts for a long time.

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Bad breath (halitosis)

belle dent Dentalhygiene

Our dental hygienist will conjure up a fresh, bright clean smile for you. Get rid of tartar and their discolorations.

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Dental hygiene


Regular check-ups and dental cleanings save pain, time and money.

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