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Painless treatment for a radiant smile.

Oral surgery refers to surgical procedures performed in the oral cavity, i.e. involving the teeth, jaw and surrounding soft tissues.

Knochenaufbauende, Eingriffe und das Einbringen von Implantaten haben sich als eigenständige Behandlungsmethoden in der Oralchirurgie etabliert. Darunter fallen auch Wurzelspitzresektionen, Zahnfleischtransplantationen und ein Sinus lift.

Dr. med. dent. U. Arhold is specialized in this field. He is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and can offer you the best treatments at the latest level.

Gummy- Smile

When you laugh, practically all you see is gum? We bring your teeth back into focus and let you shine!

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Zahnfleisch Transplantation

Through surgery, we provide you with healthy, natural gums again.

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Gum transplantation


After a root canal treatment, which unfortunately did not lead to the desired success, are you still suffering from pain and do you still have an inflammation of the tooth?

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Root apex resection


A sinus lift, as contained in the word lift, is meant the elevation of the upper jaw.

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Sinus lift

The loss of a tooth itself, as well as the reduced chewing activity that accompanies it, can result in bone recession in the jaw.

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Bone grafting


Dental implants are biocompatible artificial tooth roots to replace missing teeth.

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